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the benross group, provider of quality items for your home and garden. This is a set of 600 led lights that are fitted to a battery operated timer box. The box requires 3 x aaa batteries that are not included. The timer unit is safe to use indoors or outside. The multi-coloured led bulbs are able to be set to turn off and on after a set time with ease and they can also be set to run in any one of the set of 8 mode sequences pre-programmed into the unit so you can choose your favorite pattern. A fantastic xmas decoration that will look great in your home or office. Please search for more great items from the benross group on amazon. Co. Uk including an extensive range of christmas, garden, solar lights, tools, polaroid batteries, agfa tablets, toys and gizmos, camping and much more. Box contains

1 x set string lights with timer unit

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