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singleton tailfire is a vibrant evocation of dufftown’s fruity character with notes of fresh red berries from maturation in european oak casks with notes of sweet vanilla. This enticing new expression of the singleton of dufftown is achieved by special cask-selection, enhancing the different characteristics of the dufftown distillery. The ex-sherry maturation casks are specially selected to enhance the juicy red berry freshness and sweet aromas of vanilla and fresh cut grass. When sipped, the malt and green grass taste softens quickly, with the richness of the fruit and a hint of spice amongst the sweet oak notes leading to a drying oak finish with a creamy hint of coconut. The nose is one of instant sweetness, ripe red berry fruit - strawberries, stewed plums and raspberry jam, vibrant cut grass emerges with rounded maltiness, giving way to vanilla and toasted oak. The versatile, flavoursome nature of singleton tailfire means it can be enjoyed neat, with a drop of water, or over ice. This vibrant single malt is an ideal present for birthdays, christmas or father’s day, but the perfect gift from one person to another isn’t just about what’s inside the wrapping. The perfect gift is about the story and meaning behind what’s being given; what will you say with singleton tailfire? The unique flavour combinations of singleton tailfire earned it a 2015 silver outstanding medal winner at the international wine & spirits competition.

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