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series one to eight of the smash hit comedy series created by rob grant and doug naylor. Chicken soup machine repairman and intergalactic loser dave lister awakes from suspended animation to discover he is the lone survivor of a radiation leak and is now three million years into deep space and the last surviving member of the human race. Dave is soon joined by arnold j. Rimmer, a hologram of his dead bunk-mate, a life-form who's evolved from his pet cat and kryten, a neurotic sanitation mechanoid. Together this unlikely bunch of heroes attempt to find their way back to earth, under the guidance of holly, the ship's senile computer. Along the way they'll be brought back to reality, lose their mothership, become stranded on starbug, bump into lister's ex-girlfriend and find themselves back on red dwarf where the original crew have been resurrected by nanobots. Includes all the episodes from each of the eight series, these include: 'the end', 'future echoes', 'balance of power', 'waiting for god', 'confidence and paranoia', 'me2', 'kryten', 'better than life', 'thanks for the memory', 'stasis leak', 'queeg', 'parallel universe', 'backwards', 'marooned', 'polymorph', 'bodyswap', 'timeslides', 'the last day', 'camille', 'd. N. A.', 'justice', 'white hole', 'dimension jump' and 'meltdown'.

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