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this 13 disc box set marks the 70th anniversary of the formation of abbott and costello, the american comedy duo whose work in radio, film and television made them one of the most popular and respected teams in comedy history. The box set includes all time classics such as 'abbott and costello meet frankenstein', 'in the navy' and 'buck privates.' bud abbott (the tall thin straight one) and lou costello (the short fat clownish one) officially got together in 1936, and after achieving huge success with radio sketches, they moved into films in 1940. Universal studios saw the commercial value in the pair and worked them like mules. The successful 'buck pirates' was their breakthrough film in 1941. It was from this point that they began to be seen as america's favourite comedy team and by the end of 1945 they had starred in 15 movies. The simple, farcical formula of their films was a winning combination as abbott and costello became the biggest box office success of the early 40's. Includes: 'pardon my sarong', 'keep 'em flying', 'who done it?', 'ride em cowboy' 'hold that ghost', 'buck privates', 'in the navy', 'one night in the tropics', 'meet the killerboris karloff', 'meet dr jekyll and mr hyde', 'in the foreign legion', 'meet the keystone cops', 'meet frankenstein', 'meet the mummy', 'meet the invisible man', 'go to mars', 'hit the ice', 'lost in alaska', 'naughty nineties', 'time of their lives', 'buck privates', 'come home', 'comin' round the mountain', 'here come the co-eds', 'in society' and 'world of abbott & costello' (documentary)

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