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House Rules

By registering to Hunt Hot Deals you agree to the following house rules:

  • Be social and respectful. Thank the deal hunter whenever you can, discuss the product or service in question and if the deal hunter has posted a cold deal please stay respectful. The deal hunter wasn’t aware of the better deal you know of.
  • Be helpful. If you know of a better deal then by all means post it or leave a comment and help everyone out. It helps no one to just vote cold.
  • One account per person. Any spam email addresses or usernames will be cross checked with spam databases and reported.
  • No repetitive voting or posting. Any Deal Hunters (Forum Members) found to be voting all deals hot or all deals cold or voting in a pattern (for example hot, cold, hot cold, etc) will be suspended or banned.Similarly any Deal Hunters (Forum Members) found to be repeatedly posting deals or comments over and over will also be banned.
  • No self promotion of your own products or services. If you would like to do this then contact us via the “Contact Us” link. Any breach of this rule will result in a permanent ban.
  • No trolling. No one likes a troll so Deal Hunters (Forum Members) who are seen to be trolling will be suspended or banned. Trolling can be reported by Deal Hunters (Forum Members) but the final discretion lays with the moderators.
  • Deal Hunters (Forum Members) should not post advice which would breach the terms of third party companies, retailers and service providers. In addition to this, not post anything which is illegal, defamatory or fraudulent.
  • Keep it clean. We have language filters in place to keep this a family friendly forum. Please don’t try to bypass them (for example by making intentional spelling mistakes). Choose appropriate images for deals and avatars.
  • Anything deemed as abuse, bullying, religious, racial, homophobic or otherwise objectionable behaviour will result in a ban and where necessary law enforcement will be made aware.
  • Spam will be cross checked and reported.
  • No posting of classified listings as deals.
  • To appeal a suspension or ban please contact us via the “Contact Us” link. These house rules are of course in addition to our Terms & Conditions and may be altered at any time.