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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I join Hunt Hot Deals?

A. Joining Hunt Hot Deals couldn’t be easier! at the top of every page you will see a “Sign Up” link, simply click this and create an account by entering a username, valid email address and password. Once you’ve agreed to the T&Cs, Privacy policy and House Rules you’ll be ready to start using your new account.

Q. What are the benefits of joining Hunt Hot Deals?

A. There are many benefits to joining Hunt Hot Deals, not only can you hunt for great deals and offers but can also vote and comment on deals posted by other Hunt Hot Deal members. This is also a great way to receive alerts for deals you won’t want to miss!


Q. How do I share a deal that I’ve seen?

A. Firstly we’d recommend buying the deal yourself incase it goes out of stock! Secondly, check the deal you want to share hasn’t already been posted by another member as the last thing you want to see is the same deal posted over and over again. Finally, click the “Share a Deal” link before filling out the form, please remember to fill out as much information on the deal(s) as possible.

Remember, you can only “Share a Deal” if you’re a registered member of Hunt Hot Deals and have voted on at least 20 deals.

Q. What are the benefits of sharing a deal?

A. Besides helping your fellow members bag a cracking deal you’ll have the opportunity to grab yourself some fab freebies and giveaways. Also, if you're ever unsure of whether a deal you’ve found is hot or not then why not share to see what other members think.

Q. What if I share a deal which has already been shared?

A. If you’ve posted a deal thats already been shared by another member, don’t worry as we’re actively monitoring deals and comments that have been posted so we’ll get this removed. But, if you think its one we may have missed then feel free to drop us a line and we’ll look into it for you.


Q. How do I report abuse of the Hunt Hot Deals website?

A. If you come across anyone not following our house rules and are either posting spam or self promoting then please let us know by clicking the “Report Deal” link at the top of deal page and we’ll be sure to take a look into the matter.

Q. How do I report bullying, trolling and general misconduct?

A. Bullying, trolling and general misconduct is not acceptable and if you come across this please let us know by hovering your mouse over the comment, you’ll then see a “Report” button which will appear at the top right hand corner of the comment in question. Simply click this and complete the form by telling us why you feel the comment should be removed.

Q. What actions are taken on abuse?

A. If abuse is seen or reported we’ll have the comment or deal removed from the site. If this doesn’t resolve the issue then we’ll take actions to ban the member.