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Top 10 Products That Prove Disney is Taking Star Wars To a Whole New Galaxy

Posted: December 2016
As one of the most highly anticipated films of 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to have its UK premier in London, we’ve decided to round up some of the best and cheesiest Star Wars merchandise across the globe for you to get your hands on!

1. Star Wars Oranges

Orange you glad we came across this!

2. Star Wars Tongs

Just don’t make it chewy!
Available at The Hut for £19.99

3. Star Wars Cupcake Kit

May the frosting be with you!
Available at Morrisons for £1

4. Star Wars Hand Warmers

Keep your hans warm with this!
Available at Rakuten for £8.01

5. Star Wars Mens Onesie

That’s the vader to do it!
Available at Sports Direct for £12

6. Star Wars Shower Gel

Wash away the dark side
Available at Morrisons for £3

7. Star Wars Lipstick

Get your war paint on!
Available at Boots for £7.99

8. Star Wars Strawberry Shake Yoghurt

You Kenobi serious...Star Wars yoghurt?!
Available at Morrisons for £1

9. Star Wars Stamps

The best stamps in the galaxy!
Available at Viking Direct for £7.60

10. Star Wars Power Bank

Embrace the power of the dark side when your battery is running low!
Available at My Memory for £14.99 is a deal sharing platform. Share, vote and comment on deals today!