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How To Save Money in 2016

Posted: December 2016
With 2016 fast approaching we’ve handpicked some of best ways we think could help save you some money throughout the year

1. Ditch unused memberships

Many of us take out memberships we don’t actually use or need. If you’ve taken out a membership where a payment is taken from your bank account each month don’t be afraid to cancel specially if you’re not using it! By adding up the money debited from your account each month could potentially save you up to a £100 or possibly more.

2. Keep an eye on free trials

We all love free stuff, so when we’re offered a free trial to use a product of service it can be hard to say no! Try and set yourself a reminder to cancel your free trial period when it’s over as the last thing you want is for an unexpected payment to be taken because you’d forgotten all about it!

3. Review satellite subscriptions

With so many choices on cable and satellite television not everything shown is always to our taste. Although it’s convenient to have the channels on standby in case you ever tune in, it may not always be the best option as you might find yourself paying a lot more when it could be a chplatch, it’s always worth asking!

4. Buy a reliable and fuel efficient car

When searching for your first or next car always try and buy a reliable car that’ll help you save money in the long run. Read up reviews on the car and find out common faults to help you make a more informed decision on whether the car is worth the buy. Research the price on tax especially as it’s a cost you have to pay for each year you own the car. Don’t forget to also check the size of the engine often, the bigger the engine size results in more money spent on fuel and insurance so ask yourself whether it’s financially worth owning a fast car!

5. Invest in a deep freezer

By investing in a deep freezer or a larger sized fridge/freezer you’ll have plenty of space to store more food which means you can bulk buy your food when on offer and keep it fresh for longer. Buying a freezer will also give you plenty of space to store your healthy pre-cooked meals which will save you even more money compared to splashing out on takeaways!

6. Car share

Owning a car can often be quite expensive but you can reduce your costs by simply car sharing. If you know anyone who drives to work and they pass in the same direction as you it’s always worth asking whether they’d be interested in car sharing, that way you can split the fuel costs between you. Remember, the more people car sharing the cheaper your contributions towards fuel will be!

7. Get yourself a slow cooker

Running a slow cooker has proven to be more cost efficient compared to using an oven. By setting the slow cooker on before you leave for work you can be sure to come home to a tasty meal at the end of a long day.

8. Install a timer

Nobody wants to waste money on heating an empty home, by setting a timer to automatically switch your heating/ hot water on when you’re are home is simple solution and one that’ll help you save some cash!

9. Switch off your light

Switch your lights off when not in the house or when you’re asleep. Over time leaving your lights on when not necessary will only increase the costs of your electricity bill.

10. Use comparison sites for insurance

Whether you’re shopping for insurance its always helpful to take a few minutes to browse through comparison sites. Using comparison sites will help ensure you’re paying the best prices, no matter how big or small the saving may be every penny counts!

11. Use discounted websites for trips out

Using websites such as Groupon and you can often treat yourself without having to break the bank. Whether you’re in need of a day out or a weekend away it’s always worth checking what offers and discounts are available which will help you save some money.

12. Avoid paying TV license

A fee of £145.50 is spent each year in many households to pay for TV license. This cost can easily be avoided if you decide to watch catch-up TV. Catching up with TV shows that have already been broadcast are free to watch on most on demand services such as BBC iplayer, ITV player and Channel 4 on Demand. is a deal sharing platform. Share, vote and comment on deals today!